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VBS 2019 – Day 5

Theme for the last day: When life is Good, God is Good. I loved the themes this year. The Goodness of God is a wonderful part of scripture not talked about enough. It might even be the central theme of the whole story. Is God good. As our VBS said this week. When life is unfair/scary/changes/sad/good, God is good. He is bringing the good out of everything, and he doesn’t spare himself from that everything.

VBS 2019 – Day 4

The theme for the day was: When Life is Sad, God is Good. The story for day 4 is always the cross. (It just is, if you’d like the reason, drop me a line.) So here is our video from the day…

VBS 2019 – Day 3

The Theme for the Day was “When life changes…God is good.” Change is something that we love and dread. What we can know is that through all the changes, a good God is with us.

VBS 2019 – Day 2

The overall theme is the goodness of God. Today we focused on when think are scary, God is still good. He delivers us through those times.

VBS 2019 – Day 1

The Theme for the Day: When Life is unfair – God is Good! Through the story of Moses and the Exodus, here is day 1 we are learning about goodness. Each day we have a video retelling the story with some pictures that we’ve taken throughout the day.

VBS 2019 – Aug 19-23

Where: St. Mark’s
When: Monday August 19th – Friday Aug 23th
Time: 9:00 AM – 11:30AM
Who: Pre-k to 6th grade
How: Show up a little early the first day or (Greatly Encouraged to be sure we have enough materials) Pre-register by clicking here.

VBS 2018 – Day 5

Here is the last video. The song was the theme song. Great fun week…

VBS 2018 – Day 4

Here is the day 4 video. This is always “The Big Day”. The theme was “When we do wrong…Jesus rescues”. The bible story is the cross. Told below with the photos of the kids today…

VBS – Day 3

Here is the video from day 3. (When you struggle, Jesus Rescues)…

VBS 2018 – Day2

Here is the video pictures from Day 2. And this time I think I fixed the sound problem. (Theme of Day: When you worry…Jesus rescues!)