Three items of note

I’m reminded of the children’s song, “the wise man built his house upon the rock…the foolish man built his house upon the sand.”

The wise woman: Simcha Fisher. She gets and responds to one of those really hard letters. And note what her first disclaimer is -“Here is what I is what I think (and my theological credentials are: I am a housewife with a computer).” Yet this housewife with a computer relates a deceptively simple and well thought out response. Note especially the wisdom that each of our callings in how we react to specific sin might be different.

The foolish woman: Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite. Note what she wants you to know at the end – “She is an On Faith Panelist and a former President of Chicago Theological Seminary”. This learned woman’s advice? Read the long lost gospel of Mary -“its illuminating to our times”. Let me save you the trouble. This gospel is no gospel at all. One would have hoped a learned professor would have said something like go read John or Mark. Instead she says go read some 2nd century gnostic nonsense about spirits and souls and returning to the one that happens to be attributed to Jesus and Mary and the apostles. We don’t believe is the immortality of the soul. We believe in the resurrection of the dead. You were made body and soul together, and God will recreate that on the last day.

The last item is something interesting to me. It is exactly the type of thing that drives our modern secular elite up the wall. Did you hear what Prime Minister Netanyahu’s gift to President Obama was in there recent meeting? A copy of the book of Esther. I can safely say you should go read that one. Why Esther you may ask? This week is Purim, the Jewish festival remembering Esther’s story. And probably more importantly, Esther is the queen who saved the Jews from the genocidal Persians (i.e. modern Iran). PM Netanyahu has almost uncritically pulled a biblical story into the modern world. His gift to our President says open your eyes to the truth. The whole idea that an ancient document is more true than modern politics, or that we can and should get wisdom from scripture, drives our elites batty. At my snotty best it says them them there is a truth and a power you are accountable to, and they don’t like that.