What’s a Prophet?

Biblical Text: Luke 1:57-80
Full Sermon Draft

The day was the feast day of the Nativity of John the Baptist. The Gospel text is Zechariah’s song which is what the Baptist’s father said after his tongue was loosed. And what a good portion of that song amounts to is a job description of a prophet. What this sermon does is compare that description with the modern popular conception of a prophet. It then moves on to why one of those is just as important for us today as it was for ancient Israel. It then ends with a recent example of prophetic work according to the Baptist’s model. The world would like us to dismiss or make silly the prophet, the biblical definition is our daily bread.

Commencement and Christmas in June

Test: Luke 1:57-80
Full Draft of Sermon

With Christmas on the Sunday, some of the minor festival of the church year fall on a Sunday as well. This Sunday was the Nativity of John the Baptist. Hence some Advent Hymns and a biblical character who we normally see is December.

But read at the end of June one line of the text jumped out at me – “What then will this Child be?” Luke 1:66. That is what all the neighbors and kin of Zachariah and Elizabeth were saying about the events of John’s birth. And I thought isn’t that often the question at graduations (not to mention births). And that brought up the commencement speech of this year – “you are not special”.

The truth is that only one is special – Jesus Christ. But the only special one by our normal way of thinking has a different measuring stick – grace. You’re not special, but you are chosen. Chosen by grace to know salvation. To Walk in the ways of peace.