Daily Lectionary Podcast – Zechariah 8:1-23 and 2 Timothy 1:1-18

Zechariah 8:1-23
2 Timothy 1:1-18
What does “The Reign of God” or “The visitation of God” look like?
Necessary vs. Nice

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Judges 14:1-20 and Galatians 3:1-22

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Judges 14:1-20
Galatians 3:1-22
What do you do with a problem like Samson?
The purpose of the law

Paragraphs to Make You Think

1) Lest anyone thinks I might have been harsh in my Ash Wednesday sermon drawing analogies with the national debt and the plague of locusts in Joel. (Joel said that God was at the front of that plague. The plague was a mirror to the spiritual state of the people. Is our debt a mirror?) You can read here and here two shocking graphs. The first reports that the per-capita debt of the US is more than the per-capita debt of Greece (as well as the rest of the other PIIGS so much in the news). The second shows the share of the US debt based on budget projections by generation. A child born today owes 1.5 million dollars the day he or she is born if that national debt was allocated. Per the US Census (Fig 3) the expected lifetime earnings of a high school graduate are only $1.2 million. In other words a high school graduate owes more in federal debt today than they can expect to make in their lifetime. (Isn’t that close to a definition of slavery?) How is this not a moral issue? A Man owed 10,000 talents…(Matt 18:24)

2) From the Washington Post and a hospital internist. Teach us Lord to number our days…Psalm 90:12

With unrealistic expectations of our ability to prolong life, with death as an unfamiliar and unnatural event, and without a realistic, tactile sense of how much a worn-out elderly patient is suffering, it’s easy for patients and families to keep insisting on more tests, more medications, more procedures.

3) Why we need Lent from Catholic Mark Shea

Here’s reality: Human beings, working together with good community organizers, and following the Wisdom of the Voters and the very best that popular piety, sound civic common sense, and the best of human wisdom have, time and again, shouted “Give us Barabbas!” and chosen to crucify the innocent Son of God. It’s what we do.

The good news is that God forgives the 10,000 talents. He has given us a lamp for learning wisdom. And while we shout Barabbas, he walked to Calvary anyway. While we were still sinners…