Source Material…

Living with a weekly deadline – say something, funny, empathic, meaningful, not to deep, touching, sentimental, strong, filled with good doctrine but full of grace – whether you like it or not, turns the world into source material. I keep returning to Deuteronomy 6:6-7, “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” I return to them because they remind me that the words don’t replace life, but fill it up. Likewise, we don’t say I’m going to stop living for an hour and spend time with God. The goal of discipleship is to live with God, to find or better to recognize God in those everyday things, when you walk and when you sit down, when sleep and when you get up.

So to clear out some good stuff I came across, but haven’t completely used. (Windows is telling me I need to reboot and I will lose this stuff on that reboot.)

Being a Chinese Mother [And a slightly scathing rebuttal.]

IBM’s Watson (Oh great, they will replace me yet.)

The Math of Beauty (or why it is better to be Loved and Hated than merely liked.).

A test I actually ran with David (I need to take a video of that and post it.) (Very Cute Funny)

The Anchoress (a very wise woman, even if she is very Roman Catholic) on Authority

A few links I need to clear out

In prepping for sermons and bible studies and teaching moments you become a hoarder of stray thoughts. The internet has only made that much easier because people actually write it down for all the world, and really good ones stay like tabs on my browser taking up space like all the junk in a house before a good cleaning. These are a few recent good things that I’ve run across, but I don’t think have incorporated (i.e. stolen for use) anywhere.

Simcha Fisher on weight-loss and conversion or sanctification.
For poetry lovers, Dave Wheeler on Advent Ghosts. (HT: the High Calling, a great site for laymen and women pretty much by laymen and women.)
Christianity Today on The Leavers. When I asked that question in the Sermon about living from the Mount of Olives, this is in the background.
Into deep water here. The Monday Sermon for preachers. What does Ambrose and Celibacy have to say to a sex drenched culture.

Links (tithing, parenting and being relevant), that should get some attention

Is that a tithe deductible expense is a common thought expressed in regards to church giving. In that ledger book in our heads we have a category labeled charity. We mentally fulfill or drain this over the week or month, and then whatever is left is given to church. And pastors like me are hopelessly conflicted. In most of our churches the pastor’s compensation is over 50% of the budget. Even if your pastor is a saint, the sermon on giving can seem a little tainted. But it probably falls under the category of ‘things that make you go hmmm…’ that tithe is the one word in this culture that brings out the biblical expert in everyone (just read the comment thread).

Elizabeth Scalia (AKA The Anchoress) takes comfort while watching her kids. For everyone whose seen one stray.

And Elizabeth Drescher looks at the religion of the next generation and sees relevancy not in gadgets but in what the church would call the priesthood of all believers.