Daily Lectionary Podcast – Exodus 22:20-23:13 and Luke 4:16-30

Exodus 22:20-23:13
Luke 4:16-30
Empathy, Love you neighbor as yourself, God as the God of the oppressed, Deliverance from Sin, Death and the Power of the Devil


Being married and a minister I shouldn’t say such things, but I love Megan McArdle. Before someone gets the wrong idea, for my two cents (I used to be a CFA finance guy so maybe 3 cents) she is the best financial journalist out there. And on top of that she is biblically literate and I never get the feeling that she is disrespecting faith when it enters the question (hello Dave Ramsey).

Her blog posts have been getting longer (the format seems to be morphing), but this one is outstanding and it mentions Jubilee – an OT biblical concept that Jesus in the NT proclaims the start of his ministry is the start of the Jubilee. There is a deep connection in the bible between debt and the gospel. God is the person who clears the debt, who sets the prisoners (debt-prisoners) free.

Beyond being a great journalist with a healthy respect for multiple vantage points, she is also pretty wise. While a general Jubilee for debt might not be possible – her recommendations on school debt seem right on. I know too many people drowning in debt from the age of 22. Yes, they agreed to it, but they were playing by the rules and the rules turn out to have been written by those in power to enrich themselves. (As she so ably demonstrates.) The prophets it turns out had something to say about such inequities as well.