Financing Little Johnny…when does Rumplestilskin show up?

The headline of this WSJ article…In Vitro a Fertile Niche for Lenders

Julie Barth’s prayers were answered when a doctor in Crystal Lake, Ill., told her in vitro fertilization might get her pregnant.

But he didn’t stop there, referring her to a “fertility finance” company that lent her $5,000 at an interest rate of 7.99% to help cover the $24,000 procedure. Her daughter, Olivia, was born about a year later.

“You can’t put a price on a smile like that,” says Ms. Barth, 32 years old. She hopes to pay off her loan from Springstone Financial LLC, based in Southborough, Mass., by her daughter’s third birthday in 2014….

And what happens when a payment is missed? Does the lender foreclose on the kid? Oliver Twist? When does the federal government step in to “guarantee” these loans (like college loans) and make them un-bankruptable? But of course that is a slippery slope we’d never go down. Per the article that 7.9% rate was cheap. Ms. Barth must have really good credit.

But the Catholic church’s teaching on birth control and being human is crazy talk. (Cue the demon lighting and mood music.)