Suit Up and Stand

Biblical Text: Ephesians 6:10-20 NLT
Full Sermon Draft

This sermon in the conclusion to our summer reading of Ephesians. It might be one of the most memorable texts in the scriptures. Put on the Full Armor of God. This full armor, all the spiritual virtues that it represents, are every spiritual gift that the Father has given us through Christ. And when we suit up, we are enabled to stand. When we suit up we are united under one banner. When we suit up we can give a rousing witness to those powers that be.

I included our opening hymn – LSB 668, Rise! To Arms! With Prayer Employ You – for a couple of reasons. The hymn text is a wonderful capture of Paul’s entire conclusion, but just as important that text is sung to one of the most moving tunes in the book. And our organist put a stirring longer opening, so I couldn’t snip it out.

Living Toward the Promise

Text: Ephesians 5:21-6:9 NLT
Full Sermon Draft

This sermon completes Paul’s re-upping of the moral law/10 Commandments in the Christian life. It treats the 4th commandment and how we live into the promises of God by honoring the various close authorities in our lives. Those authorities are both temporal and eternal/spiritual, and they are not always perfect. Paul discusses it all under the the banner of being in submission to each other. The world attempts to divide us and councils that we are first individuals. The wisdom of God says we live in a web of proper authority in which we look out for the other. He does this by penning what is often called a household code.

This sermon looks at the elements of that household code and what they ask of the Christian life. That includes the honor between husband and wife, and how that is a sacramental picture of something much greater. But in each case we are called to live toward the promise and not give in to the easy temptations of the way of the world.

Prayer and the Full Armor – The Right Field of Battle

Biblical Text: Ephesians 6:10-20
Full Draft

At the close of Ephesians Paul gives his battle speech. It is easy to pick up on the martial images of the armor and contenting with the powers that be. But to just pick up on that misses the marching orders. What or where is the field of contention? It would be easy to just say this life, and that wouldn’t completely be wrong. Paul segues from put on the armor of God to prayer. “With all prayers and supplications, in the spirit, at all times, pray…” Eph 6:18.

All endeavors in the Christian life begin and find their strength in prayer. Because all endeavors must rest on the power of God alone. Its the disciples who ask, “Lord, teach us how to pray.” Because that is the act that is most typical of the disciple.