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The Gospel for the Disoriented

Text: Mark 5:21-43 and Lamentations 3:22-33
Full Draft

The world is a disorienting place. Its fallen. But we so often refuse to see it. We work hard to insulate, cocoon, make a separate peace. But in doing so we betray our desperateness. And that is where the world wants to keep us. Desperate, disoriented, forsaken.

But into that world Jesus says one Word – “Daughter”. The world wants you to think things are so bad its hopeless. God says “Daughter, you faith has saved you, go in peace and be whole.” When we are disoriented and lost is exactly when God says don’t accept what the world says, because you are a child of God, because whether you ascend to heaven or go down to sheol – you are the Lord’s.

And that is a faith that can sit in silence, that can touch its mouth to the dust, yet remains in hope. A hope in the abundance of the Lord’s steadfast love. In the love that will raise us up – Talitha Kumi – daughter arise.