Daily Lectionary Podcast – Joel 2:18-32 And Romans 11:25-12:13

Joel 2:18-32
Romans 11:25-12:13
The juxtaposition of Judgment and the Eschatological Time Frame
The role of the Spirit in that time
The wisdom, will and way of God

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Joel 2:1-17 and Romans 11:1-24

Joel 2:1-17
Romans 11:1-24
Blessing after judgment
The severity and the kindness of God

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Isaiah 34:1-2,8-35:1-10 and Revelation 6:1-17

Isaiah 34:1-2,8-35:1-10
Revelation 6:1-17
Two visions of the Day of the Lord
The division of the nations
The Spiritual question of being a “rich American”

The turn to fall, the fig and the command to Watch!

A quick note – I’ve been a slacker about writing most of this summer. It has been a summer full – full of joys and of sorrows. I intend to get back to a 3 – 4 day a week cycle God willing.

Text: Mark 13:28-37

Maybe it is a psychological thing, my good daughter Anna has returned to school and candy corn is appearing in the store aisles, but today felt like autumn. The sun felt that much less intense on the forearm. The air felt crisper than the summer fullness. We pick up those signs. The longer we live on this earth, if we are perceptive, the more we just know what is coming.

Jesus is telling the disciples something that they will know and something that they won’t in the gospel reading for today. The first part most scholars think is talking about 70AD, the distruction of Jerusalem. Jesus is telling them to be observant, learn from the fig, you can tell when the seasons are changing, so when you see these things the end of the temple is near. While that will seem like the end of the world, it won’t be. That time, when Heaven and Earth will really pass away, you won’t know. You know what? The command is still watch. We watch and we can discern when an older order of things is passing away, when the temples of the world are being judged and torn down – a small letter day of the Lord. That watching is preparation for the capital letter Day of the Lord so that we might be found awake and faithful on that great and glorious day.