Sentence to Ponder

What is needed in our churches is not more education but more embodied practices that can shape our affections and behavior along with our attitudes. The virtues I focus on in Unclean involve the practices of welcome and hospitality, what Miroslav Volf calls “the will to embrace.”

That is from this interview with Dr. Beck who also writes here. Unlcean is one of his books that is one of the best works I’ve read in a long time.

Thinking of the last post, this might be a more concrete example of listening to the Spirit. This is one of the discussions that a member and I get into quite often about how do you instruct in the faith. Do you start with the head and push toward the heart (standard Lutheran methodology) or do you start with the heart and push to the head (standard pentecostal). And that is probably the polarity – extreme head Lutheran to extreme heart pentecostal – with other tribes falling in along that spectrum. Presbyterians real close to Lutherans. Methodists closer to the pentecostals. Catholics blow this up because you have both – Franciscans and Dominicans. An embodied practice, a taking action on a virtue, is a combination of both. Listening to the Spirit today might mean less outright upfront doctrine and more lets do a VBS in the city (hope and charity), or the protestant equivalent of adoration of the host – a lenten prayer vigil (faith, fortitude and patience). Could one congregation maintain a prayer vigil for 40 days around the clock? What might be heard by the congregation in prayer?

Interesting Political Factoid

I’m always hesitant to post something outright political, but this is fascinating. Daily Beast has compiled every candidate’s (including Obama) top 5 contributors and the amount.

For the most part they are corporations. And while I’m sure quid pro quo could be lurking under some of it, my guess is more that a candidate’s voting history and “stands on the issues” attract the support. In other words I doubt there is a whole lot of I’ll give you a big contribution if you change your stance, but think its more this guy supports what I like so I’ll support him. Or even just I know this gal personally (i.e. Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann).

But here is the real fascinating part…what does it say that the top 3 contributors to Ron Paul are not corporations but US Army personnel, US Air Force personnel and then US Navy personnel? If his foreign policy ideas are “insane” or “going to wreck the country”, would these people be his biggest financial support? This is one of those cases where who you are attracting to yourself is revealing of character. Both of the nation and of the candidate.