Sunday School

St. Mark’s sponsors Sunday School and Bible Class before worship on Sunday morning. The classes start approximately at 9 AM and end at roughly 9:50 AM.

Currently we have 3 groups that meet on Sunday morning:

K through 3rd grade
4th grade through 6th grade
Confirmands & Adults – Pastor’s Class

The K through 6th are taught the same Bible stories in age appropriate manner. The children are learning and hearing these foundational stories for the first time or maybe the second. They are taught by volunteers from the congregation using the LCMS publisher’s curriculum.

7th and 8th grade at St. Mark’s is what is called confirmation. Children of these ages meet separately during the week for instruction in the Small Catechism, the basic doctrines and practices of the faith. These students are introduced during this time to the study of scripture with the adults. We find both that the confirmands add to the adult class, while the adults get to mentor and model for the confirmands the Christian life of study.