Virtual Bulletin – 4/10

April 10th, 2022 – Palm Sunday/Sunday of the Passion


Monday………………..            6:00 PM           Men’s Group

Tuesday………………..           7:00PM             Elders Meeting (Reschedule)

Wednesday…………….           5:00PM             Confirmation

Thursday……………….          Maundy Thursday

                                                 10:00 AM        Bible Study (Canceled)

                                                 7:00 PM           Maundy Thursday Service

Friday…………………..          Good Friday

                                                 7:00 PM           Good Friday Service

Saturday……………….           10:00 AM        Women’s Group

Sunday: ………………….          Easter

                                                 8:30AM           Easter Breakfast

                                                 10:00AM         Worship

                                                 11:15AM         Bible Study     


This week is Holy Week, the heart of the Christian Calendar. Holy Week starts today with Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem with crowds waving Palms which culminates in the Cleansing of the Temple.  Monday through Wednesday are given to Jesus’ habitation and teaching in that cleansed Temple where he takes on all questioners and ends with his prediction of the Temple and Jerusalem’s destruction.  The glory of God leaves the temple with Jesus Wednesday evening. Going on in the background is preparation for the Jewish Passover. Thursday is Jesus’ Passover meal with his disciples from which the church receives its standing observation, the Lord’s Supper. Thursday evening into Friday morning are the arrest, trials and Passion of Jesus ending at Golgotha.  Saturday is something of the forgotten day.  It is captured in the Apostle’s creed as “He descended into Hell.” Tradition calls it the Harrowing of Hell. This requires a more Jewish or ancient understanding of Hell. We take that word merely as the place of punishment which after Holy Week Saturday it is.  But at the time, it was also “Sheol” or the abode of the dead.  Christ in triumph “bursts the gates of brass” and leads out the saints of old to paradise.  All of which leads up to the triumph over death itself on Sunday morning.


In my sermon prep for the past few weeks there has been on observation by my favorite commentator that I just haven’t been able to fit in.  It is one of those observations that is true and witty but it just didn’t go anywhere.  Jesus probably spoke Aramaic in his daily life.  Aramaic was the universal language of the Near East which was in the process of being supplanted by Greek.  Aramaic is a close cousin of Hebrew and there is pun that the Jews liked.  “Ben” in Hebrew was Son – Ben Hur is Son of Hur. “eBen”, where the “e” is a very quick breath “eh” so it sounds the same, in Aramaic meant stone.  So, when Jesus asks the Chief Priest’s last week about “the stone the builders rejected,” he also asking them about the son the builders rejected.  And remember that Jesus’ favorite term for himself is “The Son of Man”.  Building your life on the rock is also building your life on the son.

So when the Pharisees get mad at Jesus at the Triumphal Entry and tell him to rebuke his disciples, Jesus answers, “If these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” It hits again.  If “The Sons,” the sons of Abraham, the gathered Jews, are not willing to give praise, then the stones, or the sons will cry out.  God always has his sons, even if he has to make them out of stones.  There is a reason Cephas became Peter, the Rock.

Between Rocks and Sons the Bible maintains a two way metamorphosis. Originally it is our hearts that are hearts of stone and not hearts of flesh.  Originally Christ is the Eternal Son.  The Eternal Son becomes the stone.  Whether that stone is as Paul said a couple of weeks ago the one that followed Israel which Moses struck and water pours fourth, or that stone is the foundation stone, the Son of God has been placed in our midst as our Rock in whom we trust. And we are able to trust in this rock because he has turned our hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. He has removed the rock on the grave that stood between temporal us and eternal God. Standing on the Rock we have become sons of God and heirs of eternal life.

Praise is always the proper end of any theology. All theology ultimately breaks down into simple wonder. How does God make sons out of stones? It happens all the time. When the stones cry out.  The Hosannas to the King will be sung, may they also come from our lips.

EASTER BREAKFAST (8:30 AM, Easter Morning)

The Easter Breakfast is coming back this year.  Bring a dish to pass. The Church will provide Coffee, Juice and Bagels.


Easter Lilies will be ordered from Chase’s Greenhouse. The cost is $9 each. Money can be placed in the Blankenbush mailbox. There is a sign up sheet on the board in the hallway.


  • Thurs 10am: “The Necessary Bible Stories to Know Our Own Story” – Come to service in the evening
  • Confirmation: Lord’s Prayer – Third Petition
  • Life Application Fellowship (LAF):  April 18th, 6PM, Zoom
  • Sunday Morning: Going to continue with the Psalms for a Season. Come Join Us in the prayer book of the Bible.
  • Catechism Moment: In your inbox, look for the email. (Lord’s Prayer – 4th Petition)

RUMMAGE SALE – April 23.

The preschool will start collecting stuff for the rummage sale Friday, April 15th. You can drop anything, except TV’s or Computers, any time that week.