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March 27th, 2022 – 4th Sunday in Lent


Wednesday…………….           2:30 PM           Confirmation

Thursday……………….          Joseph, Patriarch

                                                 Beef on Weck Workday

                                                 10:00 AM        Bible Study

Friday…………………..          Beef on Weck Workday

Saturday……………….           Beef on Weck

Sunday: ………………….          10:00am           Worship


The lone commemoration on the church calendar this coming week is Joseph.  Not Joseph from the nativity story, but Joseph from the Old Testament, the son of Jacob and Rachel. The full Joseph story is found in Genesis 37 – 50 and outside of the gospels is the fullest story about a single character in the scriptures. Joseph’s life serves as one of the most complete types of Jesus.  He own family did not accept him.  They sold him into slavery.  Joseph descended into a hell of sorts spending a long time in prison for something he did not do.  But God raised him out of that pit and placed him at the right hand of Pharoah.  The purpose of God in everything that Joseph suffered was so that his family and many family would be saved from a famine.  The Old Testament saints are given to us for our understanding.


“You will say in that day…”. That is how the Old Testament lesson this week (Isaiah 12:1-6) begins.  What day is the prophet talking about?  You’d have to turn the page back a chapter to chapter 11 which is about the reign of the righteous branch.  In the day that the stump of Jesse shoots forth.  In the day that the Spirit of the Lord rests upon Him.  In the day the wolf dwells with the lamb and the little child leads them.  In the day the lion eats straw like the ox.  In the day that He raises a sign for the nations.  In the day when the remnant comes out as they came out from the land of Egypt.  That day.

Prophetic fulfillments can be talked about as nearer and further fulfillment.  They can also be talked about as lessor and greater.  The most famous prophetic pronouncement is probably from Isaiah 7:14, “behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”  If you read that in chapter 7 and imagine the scene, Isaiah is probably pointing at a young woman of the Royal court.  That one, that virgin, will bear a son and that is your sign King.  And that is the nearer or lessor fulfillment.  The further or greater is Mary with Jesus.  This one is the sign that is given to the nations who shall lead the remnant out as he once lead Israel out of Egypt.

In poetic language we get the sense of what that day is in chapter 11, but chapter 12 makes things concrete.  That day is the day the Lord turns from his anger.  That day is the day the Lord comforts me.  That day is the day we give thanks.  I hope that in your life there have been such lessor fulfillments, days the Lord is no longer angry and we know it, days the Lord draws near and comforts.  Days that thanksgiving comes easily from our lips.  There was one day that secured this for the entire world – Good Friday.  There is a day yet to come where it is brought to its fulfillment. And we live in between those days.  We live in days where the reality of that day pokes though the veil that yet covers it.

But even though we live by faith and not yet by pure sight we can be sure of some things of that day.  God is my salvation so we should not be afraid. Christ has triumphed.  The worst the devil and the world can do is send us to be with Jesus.  Today we draw water from the wells of salvation.  Jesus promised to us the living water that bubbles up to eternal life.  Today we receive that living water drawn from the rock pierced for our transgression.  Today we call upon the name of the Lord.  Today we make known his deeds among the peoples. Today we sing praises to the Lord.  We do all these things because today “great in your midst is The Holy One of Israel.” Every Sunday is a lessor fulfillment of that day. Every Sunday we say, “I will give thanks to you, O Lord.”


Spring Beef on Weck is going to be on Saturday, April 2nd.  There will be a couple of workdays prior.  Please put it on your calendar, consider helping, and picking up a meal.


  • Thurs 10am: “The Necessary Bible Stories to Know Our Own Story” – Continuing with Isaac
  • Confirmation: Lord’s Prayer – Introduction & First Petition
  • Life Application Fellowship (LAF):  April 4th, 6PM, Zoom
  • Sunday Morning: Going to continue with the Psalms for a Season. Come Join Us in the prayer book of the Bible.
  • Catechism Moment: In you inbox, look for the email. (Lord’s Prayer – 2nd Petition)

RUMMAGE SALE – April 23.

The preschool will start collecting stuff for the rummage sale Friday, April 15th. You can drop anything, except TV’s or Computers, any time that week.

WOMEN’S GROUP: Made a donation to the Lutheran World Relief fund for Ukraine Refugees for St. Mark’s.


During the season of Lent, which starts Wednesday, we have taken upon ourselves that RHAFT challenge for giving to our local food pantry.  You will find an insert in your bulletin which lists some suggestions for items to give during each of the six weeks of Lent.  (Of course, any donations are welcomed at any time, but this method helps us give a variety of items to RHAFT.)  There are many who are “in need” in our community, and this is an opportunity for us to help them.  We THANK YOU for your past generosity in giving, and we pray that you will accept our challenge to help once again!