Virtual Bulletin – 5/16

May 16th, 2021 – 7th Sunday of Easter

WORSHIP & Bible Study

Worship is at 10AM, Lord’s Supper for those present.

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Zoom Info: Meeting ID: 645 848 5288 Passcode: miracles

Bible Study after service or 11:15ish.  I’ll keep the zoom line on. 

SPECIAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING: May 23rd @ 3 PM. Go home, get lunch, take a nap, and come back.  This is an important meeting and we would like everyone present.

Devotion & Prayer Thought

Our reading of 1 John ends with the season of Easter, and it ends somewhat back were we started – John’s clear division.  “Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.”  And John’s final basis of this division is the testimony of God.  I believe that John would say this testimony of God came to us in a variety of ways.  It came through John the Baptist.  “There was a man sent from God whose name was John.  He came as a witness, to bear witness about the light (John 1:6).” And in John the Baptist you have the entire prophetic tradition.  The testimony of God came through the miracles as he wrote about Cana, “this, the first of the signs, Jesus did in Cana in Galilee, and manifested his Glory. And his disciples believed in him.”  And in that first miracle you have all the other signs that Jesus performed. The testimony of God came through the words and teachings of Jesus directly.  I am thinking specifically of John 6 which (pace Luther) is about the Lord’s Supper.  “Truly, Truly I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.”  Many of his disciples “turned back that day.”  But Peter confessed Him as The Holy One of God who had the Words of Eternal life.  And to John the greatest witness is the action of Jesus on the Cross.  He laid down his life for his friends.  And truthfully, we were not his friends, not yet.  He endured the cross for sinners.  The resurrection to John is just one more proof of who Jesus is, the witness of God, but the cross is his great act of witness to the Love God has for us.

This is the ancient question put to Eve.  Does God really intend good for you?  The serpent told Eve, “God’s lying to you, He’s just trying to keep you down.  He knows if you eat this you will be like him.”  So this is the testimony given to us by the cross.  Does this Christ intend good for us?  He says he intends eternal life.  He says we are his friends.  He says we are the Children of God.  And the apostle is here to tell us it is all true. Which leaves us either accepting the testimony of God in the prophets and Apostles, in the Word and Sacrament, in the cross, or we call God a liar and Satan the truth teller.

The Apostle leaves us with his prayer which can also be our prayer.  John says “this is our confidence in God, that if we ask according to his will he hears us.  And if we know that he hears us, we know we have the requests we have asked.”  I don’t think John says that out of a Pollyannaish mood.  I think he is telling us that if we have believed in the name of the Son of God, what we have believed is that God is good.  We have believed that Christ is faithful to his people and promises.  And if we take all things to him in prayer, we can trust that same goodness that we believe in, to cover those we are praying for.  As Christ prayed for all believers that they would be one as He and the Father are one, so we pray.  And in this prayer is the mystery of how God builds his kingdom.  How he includes us in it, and delights to answer it, if in his own mysterious ways.


Mon. – Fri. ……….….…  9:00amPreschool

Monday: ……………….  6:00pm    Women’s Group

Tuesday: ……………….  9:00am    Pastors’ Circuit Meeting

Wednesday: ……………. 7:00pm    LAF

                                            7:30pm    Church Council Meeting

Thursday: ……………… 10:00amBible Study

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  • Thurs 10am: Ezekiel & The Temple – Chapters 45 & 46; Next up: How to think about The Timeline
  • Confirmation:  The confirmands passed the Elder questions. Confirmation 5/23 in Service
  • Life Application Fellowship (LAF):  May 27th? See you on the Zoom line.
  • Sunday Morning: Study will be at 11:15ish, after worship, Walking through the gospel of Mark – the one read in this year’s lectionary.
  • Catechism Moment: We are on the Creed.  If you are not receiving these let me know and give me your email address.

WOMEN’S GROUP: We will be meeting in person on Monday, May 17th at 6pm for supper.  Our meeting will begin at 6:30pm and anyone who is not present may join us on Zoom.  A sign-up has been posted for those who will be joining us for supper.