Virtual Bulletin – 2/28

February 28, 2021 – 2nd Sunday in Lent

WORSHIP & Bible Study

Worship is at 10AM, Lord’s Supper for those present.

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Zoom Info: Meeting ID: 645 848 5288 Passcode: miracles

Bible Study after service or 11:15ish.  I’ll keep the zoom line on. 

Devotion & Prayer Thought

It is not perfect, no illustration or analogy is, but the image of a massive flywheel is a good one for the Christian life.  The flywheel can’t start itself.  “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  And in the early stages of spinning, the flywheel needs constant effort.  Even if the static friction has been broken by such a massive push, the kinetic friction might still overpower us and slow the wheel.  “Since we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God.”  This is what we mean by being saved by grace through faith.  “Through Him we have obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand.”  Without Christ’s intervention, both on the cross and through the indwelling of His Spirit, that flywheel is going to stop.  And if we have our flywheel spinning, and we start thinking we can stop and take it easy, or that we did it ourselves, that is when the flywheel starts draining and stops.

Instead, “we rejoice in our sufferings.” Pushing that flywheel, especially at first is a humbling thing.  The first time you go to the gym and all you can pick up is the 5 lbs dumbbell is humbling, but it is the suffering that builds.  “Suffering produces endurance, and endurance character, and character hope.” If one has been living the Christian life for a while, turning the flywheel, muscles and lungs start to form.  The 5 lb weight becomes 50 and then 100.  The 20 min mile, becomes 10 and then 8.  And then you start finding joy in doing the right thing.  Virtue is its own reward no longer sounds like a bad joke, but a deep truth.  And you become someone who can be trusted to keep the wheel moving.  And maybe, on the best of those days, when you’ve set a personal best, you catch a glimpse of the world to come, you feel a bit of the resurrection body which does not tire.  Eventually wise, and probably no longer able to set personal bests, the wheel does not stop or slow down, because it isn’t powered from this world.  “Hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts.”  The God who started the wheel, who made room for us to join him, keeps it going.  “We have now received reconciliation.”   We have been united with God through Jesus Christ.

The Spiritual life is both active and passive.  It is passive in that we are creatures that have no power of our own.  We can walk in the wrong way until our time and strength is spent, or we can walk with the one who renews our strength.  Either way all our movement is passive.  It was caused by the one who loved us enough to create us and dwell with us.  The Spiritual life is active in that Christ does not tell us to go sit over there why I spin the wheel.  No, he bids us follow him.  He asks us to pick up our crosses, to rejoice in our sufferings, because it is in these that we move body, mind and spirit toward unity with Christ which is our purpose. And just as Christ fulfilled his purpose by saving sinners, saving the world, he desires that we fulfill ours.  Not by saving ourselves, but living in and returning the glory of God. By hope may we see this glory day by day.


Mon. – Fri. ……….….…  9:00amPreschool

Tuesday: ……………….  7:00pm    Board of Elders Meeting

Wednesday: ……………   9:00amConfirmation Class

Thursday: ……………… 10:00amBible Study

Sunday: …………………. 10:00am    Worship

                                                      11:00am    Bible Study


  • Thurs 10am: Ezekiel Chapters 25-32 (“A Gentile Interlude”)
  • Confirmation:  Review for Elders Questions & World Religions (“Islam”)
  • Life Application Fellowship (LAF):  March 10th. See you on the Zoom line.
  • Sunday Morning: Study will be at 11:15ish, after worship, in the sanctuary and on the zoom line.
  • Catechism Moment: 3rd Commandment.  If you are not receiving and want to, drop me your email.

A LENTEN CHALLENGE:  The season of Lent is upon us and is traditionally a penitential time of prayer, repentance of sins, and self-denial.  It was also traditionally a period of alms-giving – an act of charity in sharing with those less fortunate.  We have a special challenge of giving to our local food pantry, RHAFT, for the six weeks of Lent.  For each Sunday of Lent we have chosen a particular category of items needed by RHAFT as the focus of our donations.  We hope you will join us in this challenge to help RHAFT fill its pantry shelves