Virtual Bulletin – 12/27/20

December 27th, 2020 – 1st Sunday in Christmas

WORSHIP & Bible Study

Worship is at 10AM, Lord’s Supper for those present.

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Zoom Info: Meeting ID: 645 848 5288 Passcode: miracles

Bible Study after service or 11:15ish.  I’ll keep the zoom line on. 

Devotion & Prayer Thought

Joshua Gibbs – writer/teacher – compiled an interesting book of essays on Christmas called “The 25th”.  The first essay addresses “The Christmas Season”.  It posits a strange future where we are visited by aliens.  These aliens are nice ones, no Star Wars.  And they largely find earth to be an entire planet of the French Riviera.  They come to earth about the same time every year give or take a couple of days, and they collectively leave almost immediately at the end of a month.  They have their own music, dress and food.  And we earthlings collectively for that month adopt their ways.  First it pays to do so, and second their culture is different.  Ours is mostly about that first category, it pays.  How can we acquire things?  Theirs is a gift economy.  They live to give things away.  And they want to make people happy by what they give.

Ok, even with my bad summary you can probably see the thin imaginary for the Christmas Season.  We are visited by something that starts give or take a day soon after Thanksgiving, and it ends every year on Jan 2nd.  (And yes, I’m a hold out, it shouldn’t end until Jan 6th, Epiphany.) We dress differently, we eat differently, our radio stations change formats, and we look for gifts.  Why?  Or maybe more insightful, why has our regular acquisitive culture not been able to commoditize and spread out the Christmas season? Why if I served Egg Nog for July 4th would people look like I’d done something terrible?  Everything else in our culture has been commoditized and spread out, why not Christmas?

Mr. Gibbs, I think rightly, does not jump immediately to Christ.  Because I think he is right, it is not like the birth of Christ has an exclusive claim to our Christmas season.  It is too paganized, and maybe always has been, for that.  But he doesn’t banish the Christ child either.  Why not Christmas year-round?  Holy things are things set apart.  A commodity can’t be holy.  And in the Christmas season, we recognize our last holy thing.  Serving Egg Nog, as good as Nog is, for July 4th would be stealing the holy things.  And no, Egg Nog itself is not holy, but we are talking poetically here.  There are always moments that we become aware that we are treading on Holy ground.  And even our acquisitive culture in full raucous commercialization realizes something Holy about the Christmas Season.  Something that we can’t have all the time, but that while it has been gifted to us, we should enjoy it.  And if we recognize the child whose Spirit comes down and blesses the time, so much the better.


Mon. – Fri. ……….….…   NO Preschool

Wed……………………..   NO Confirmation (2 Week School Vacation)

Thursday: ……………….  NO Bible Study

Sunday: …………………. 10:00am    Worship

                                           11:00am    Bible Study


  • Thurs 10am: Off for two weeks.
  • Confirmation:  Off for two weeks for school vacation.  Pick up with confession after.
  • Life Application Fellowship (LAF):  Resuming January 13th (studying patience). See you on the Zoom line.
  • Sunday Morning: Study will be at 11:15ish, after worship, in the sanctuary and on the zoom line.
  • Catechism Moment: Watch your inbox.  The Sacrament of the Altar – part 3.

RHAFT delivery update:  We delivered 67 bags to RHAFT over the past six weeks! Thank you, members of St. Mark, for your generosity and willingness to help those less fortunate.