Virtual Bulletin – 11/29

November 29nd, 2020 – Advent 1

WORSHIP & Bible Study

Worship is at 10AM, Lord’s Supper for those present.

This week’s service Bulletin/Worship Link Here


Zoom Info: Meeting ID: 645 848 5288 Passcode: miracles

Bible Study after service or 11:15ish.  I’ll keep the zoom line on. 

Devotion & Prayer Thought

Advent this year is going to be a little different.  We won’t be having the children’s program.  Instead, since Advent has all the best hymns, and we can’t typically get them all in, Advent 4 is going to be a special Advent Carols service.  The Old Testament lessons are all from Isaiah this year which I’m going to take as the sermon texts.  Which leaves the Gospel texts for this space.

Advent 1’s gospel text is always Palm Sunday.  Sorry for the physics analogy, but the themes of advent are like a quantum superposition waiting to be resolved.  The King has both come and not yet come.  The people of God have both seen the fulfillment of his coming and still wait with eager expectation.  We have seen the King come humbly riding on a donkey surround by people shouting hosanna.  We have not yet seen the King come in power riding the clouds with saints and angels crying out.  As Zechariah says he will have righteousness and salvation.  We have received his righteousness through faith.  We await his salvation when death will be no more.

The people of God – Israel – has always been a people of Hope.  He told them to go find the colt, and they went, and found it just as he said. They hailed the coming Kingdom of our father David, not knowing exactly what that meant, but hoping.  We are still a people of Hope.  He desired us to go and find His lost sheep, and the church has gone, and found them just as he said.  We hope for the coming Kingdom, not knowing exactly that means, but knowing that it is centered on Jesus – the one who comes in the name of the Lord, hosanna.  So much happens in this life that we don’t control or even understand.  We ride into this life humbly, and we are taken out as Luther said as beggars. Yet what Advent places before us in our weakness, is the strength of the promises of God.  Our Hope was never in the might of an earthly king, nor in an earthly temple with earthly priests to make sacrifice.  Our Hope was always in this one, rejected by the earthly Jerusalem but enthroned in the middle of the heavenly Jerusalem; convicted by priests of the old temple, yet made the cornerstone of the new, the great high priest.  Our Hope rests in his coming righteousness and salvation.  On the day when the true city comes down with mighty stride.  On that day when we can observe and see, and the superposition of hope is resolved in the fulfillment of all the ages.  May we see that day with Hosanna’s on our lips.


Mon. – Fri. ……….….…   9:00am   Preschool

Tuesday: ………………..  7:00pm   Board of Elder’s Meeting

Wednesday: ……………  9:00am Confirmation

                                          7:00pm    LAF

Thursday: ………………  10:00am   Bible Study

Sunday: ………………….  10:00am   Worship

                                            11:00am  Congregational Meeting


  • Thurs 10am: Will return this coming week in Ezekiel
  • Confirmation:  Return on Wed starting with the section on Baptism
  • Life Application Fellowship (LAF):  is next meeting on Wednesday, Dec 2nd at 7 PM.  We will be on the Zoom line.
  • Sunday Morning: Study will be at 11:15ish, after worship, in the sanctuary on the zoom line.
  • Catechism Moment: Will return this week on the Sacrament of the Altar. Watch your inbox.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD Thank you to all who helped with St. Mark’s leg of the shoebox journey.  And Thank you to the congregation for putting up with the clutter for a week. We collected 1252 shoeboxes.  Slightly down from last year, but still more than two years ago.  Not bad for everything going on.  The entire region (basically Monroe County plus some) collected just under 16,000 boxes.

CHRISTMAS DECORATING:  Like most things during this year of Covid we need to rethink how to accomplish Christmas decorating at St. Mark.  After some discussion this is how we are going to attempt to safely proceed with this task …

Jerry (Gardner) and an Elf or two will bring the decorations down from the steeple room on Sunday (11/29) after service.

This year we will only be putting up the following decorations:

    1. Christmas tree in the Sanctuary, decorated of course

    2. candles on the window ledges

    3. Manger on the round table in the Narthex

We will NOT be having a decorating party or serving food.  We would like 3 teams (preferably two or three people on a team that live together or socialize together on a regular basis).  You may come in to decorate at any time during the week as long as the work is done by Saturday afternoon (12/5) so Jerry and his Elves can put the boxes etc. back in the Steeple room.  This is a first come first serve project, so if you would like to do a specific task please let Mindy know as soon as possible.  We are not using our traditional sign-up so it is necessary to contact Mindy by phone or e-mail.

CHRISTMAS POINSETTIA ORDERS:  Please contact the office if you would like a poinsettia this year.  We will have a sign-up sheet, but…taking the positive step of contacting us will be helpful.  The cost will be: $8.00

CONGREGATIONAL MTG:  December 6th/Final Vote

Pandemic Challenge for RHAFT :  Food collections for RHAFT are ongoing and in urgent need as we all struggle to weather this Pandemic.  We would like to implement a weekly collection of items like we have done during Lent in previous years.  A list has been posted on the bulletin board as well as attached to this bulletin.  If you would like to contribute to the Rush-Henrietta Food Pantry, a box is located under the round table in the narthex for non-perishable items.  Please remember that the items donated cannot be past their expiration date.