Virtual Bulletin – 10/18

October 18th, 2020 – 20th Sunday after Pentecost

WORSHIP & Bible Study

Worship is at 10AM, Lord’s Supper for those present.

This week’s service Bulletin/Worship Link Here

Zoom (NEW!):

Zoom Info Update: As of 9/27/20 Zoom made either passcodes or a waiting room mandatory.  It defaulted to a waiting room.  I have changed that to a passcode, so that when you join you will jump right in instead of waiting to be admitted.  If you use the link above it has the passcode embedded in it.  If you are logging in using the meeting ID or the old link, you will need the passcode. Meeting ID: 645 848 5288 Passcode: miracles

Bible Study after service or 11:15ish.  I’ll keep the zoom line on.  We are going to walk through the biblical stories on pestilence in Israel.  Numbers 11, 16 (Korah’s Rebellion) and 2 Samuel 24 (David’s Census). Everyone is encouraged to stay or to jump in online.  (I think I have even figured out a way to get online voices through the main church speakers.)

Welcome to the family and friends of Alice Marie Bayer for today’s Baptism

Devotion & Prayer Thought

Isaiah 45:1 in a political season often gets attention.  God – Israel’s God, Yahweh, the true one – calls Cyrus the tyrant of Persia his anointed.  And translating that anointed is a cop out.  They should just transliterate it for the full impact, “Cyrus my messiah”. Now David was a messiah, and the royal line is often call this.  In Leviticus the priests are so labeled.  The Prophets often foresee the coming of the messiah, the anointed.  But this is God claiming the Gentile Ruler.  The simple answer is that messiah is simply one who does the will of God.  And all the OT messiahs are fallible types of the perfect Jesus who does the will of the Father perfectly.

But that simple answer doesn’t settle the use of the term in our political season.  What almost every partisan wants is to claim the unique mandate of God for their candidate.  My guy is Cyrus.  But that misses the audacity of God’s claim.  It is not that the guy we like is God’s anointed, but the all the world’s tyrants are tasked with doing the will of God.  Caesar had authority because God gave it to him.  And that authority is given: a) to render proper temporal justice and b) to enable the people of God to live lives of proper service.  “For the sake of my servant Jacob, and Israel my chosen, I call you by your name…that people may know there is none besides me.  I am the LORD. (Isa 45:4,6).”  When we claim a unique mandate, we place Christ under our preferred ruler.

The pronouncement is that Christ is over our preferred ruler.  And Christ has specific things that the ruler should do and accomplish.  Cyrus?  Release his people from exile and send the temple goods back with them.  Without a prophet revealing the specific will of God, we can’t know that about ours.  But we do know the types of things that God expects of all rulers: render fair judgments, pay attention to the widow and the fatherless, ensure fair scales and measures, uphold the law and don’t undermine it.

In most times, most of us wouldn’t really have a say.  We would have been subjects instead of citizens.  The one great advantage of that is when our Cyrus proves to be the sinner and tyrant that he or she is, the responsibility isn’t on us.  But we are citizens.  We vote.  We share in the responsibility for the acts of our leadership. And responsibility in these things means understanding where our preferred candidate would lead in regards to those eternal things that are always in the will of the Father.  If we understood the full enormity of that we might not want it.  As our biding prayer states, “help them serve this people according to your will.”  And that would include us. Help us exercise our vote according to your will.  We know that the will of God certainly happens, but we pray that it may be done among us as well.    


Mon. – Fri. ……….….…   8:00am   Preschool

Monday: …….…………..  6:30pm  Women’s Group Meeting on Zoom

Wednesday: …………….  7:00pm   LAF

                                             7:30pm   Church Council Meeting

Thursday: ………………  10:00am  Bible Study

Sunday: ………………….  10:00am   Worship

                                            11:15am   Bible Study


  • Thurs 10am: We are reading the book of Ezekiel, at least parts of it.  The strangest book in the bible, but also one keyed to the anxieties of the moment. Everyone welcome, including on zoom.
  • Confirmation:  Reviewing the Lord’s Prayer. Soon jumping into “how to have an intentional prayer life.”
  • Life Application Fellowship (LAF):  is next meeting on Wednesdays, October 21st at 7 PM.  We will be on the Zoom line.
  • Sunday Morning: Study will be at 11:15ish, after worship, in the sanctuary on the zoom line.
  • Catechism Moment: We’ve started on the sacrament of Baptism and the sacraments in general.

RHAFT:  Food collections for RHAFT are ongoing.  If you would like to contribute to the Rush-Henrietta Food Pantry, a box is located under the round table in the narthex for non-perishable items. 

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD shoeboxes are now available for you take home and fill. 

If you would like someone to shop for your box, the sign-up is on the bulletin board.  We are still only charging $30 to fill and pay postage for a box; cash or check accepted (please make checks out to St. Mark Women’s Group).  The deadline to have someone else shop for your box is Sunday, November 2nd.  Your name must be on the sign-up and payment turned in to either Ellen or Mindy

CONGREGATIONAL MTG:  November 15th – Budget Presentation; Dec 6th – Final Vote