Holy Week Info

Sorry for the delay everyone. Here is the schedule for Holy Week as it stands right now.  

Maundy Thursday @ 7PM – A LAF hosted Zoom

The traditional MT emphasis on the Lord’s Supper doesn’t work this year.  But there is good news.  First, the Gospel of John, which is where the Maundy in the name comes from, records the focus of the night differently.  Second, you are invited to explore this difference along with the LAF study and join in some online song, prayer and conversation.

This link is the study material for the evening

We hope to see you all there.

Good Friday @ 7PM – Online and at church

I’m not doubling the service times.  Based on historic patterns I don’t think that will be necessary.  We are making some appropriate changes to accommodate the online folks.  This  is one service I think should translate rather well.  (Re-planing Holy Week on the fly has been an experience.)  I will post the worship materials and send the link out hopefully tomorrow.

Easter @ 9AM and 11AM – Online and at church (just as per the previous two Sunday’s)

I’m aiming to post service materials at the same time as the Good Friday ones.

Online Info

Here is the link and the info to join the zoom space online.


Meeting ID: 645 848 5288
Contact me for the password, or check you email, you should have it there.