“The image of a sweet, gentle Savior, like the thought of an all-loving God, is wonderful, but it is only a small part of the picture. It insulates us from the real power of his touch. Christ comforts and heals, saves and forgives – we know that; but we must not forget that he judges too. If we truly love him, we will love everything in him; not only his compassion and mercy, but his sharpness too. It is his sharpness that prunes and purifies.

There is something in modern thinking which rebels against the Atonement. Perhaps our idea of an all-loving God keeps us from wanting to face judgement. We think that love and forgiveness is all that is needed, yet that is not the whole Gospel – it makes God too human.

Christ’s love is not the soft love of human emotion, but a burning fire that cleanses and sears…” J. Heinrich Arnold

I might change the metaphor slightly. The judgement of Christ is like a skilled surgeon offering to cut out the growing cancer and set the broken bones. These will make us better. Allow us to live lives as we were made to. Yet we cling to our cancer and broken bones. Fearful of the snap into place, or worrying about life without that lump and the near tissue that goes with it.