Spiritual and Religious


Biblical Text: Luke 2:22-40
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The text is the presentation of Jesus and the purification of Mary. It is a text deeply rooted in the religion of Israel. It is also with Simeon and Anna a text populated with the advent of the Holy Spirit. What the sermon does is look at what happens when we treat the Spirit and Religion as either/or instead of both/and. From Anderson Cooper and Gwenyth Paltrow to Anna/Simeon as models for the church.

Christmas Day 2014


Full Sermon Draft

This sermon looks at the appointed epistle readings of the Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. Each ponders in their heart the meaning of Christmas from a slightly different perspective: mystic, personal and kingly. It really is a riff of of my favorite Christmas Hymn: A Great and Mighty Wonder.

Christmas Eve 2014


Full Sermon Draft

This sermon is about our Candles and Silent Night ritual placing it within the context of the carols sung. It is not the ritual of earlier times, but it is beautiful and right and proper in its own way.

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Isaiah 43:25-44:20 and Revelation 11:1-19

Isaiah 43:25-44:20
Revelation 11:1-19
God’s care for his people and the foolishness of idolatry
Measuring the Temple & Two Witness (Two Kingdoms & Law and Gospel)

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Isaiah 43:1-24 and Revelation 9:13-10:11

Isaiah 43:1-24
Revelation 9:13-10:11
A Spiritual Desert Blooming
The consistency of evil & the necessity of the proclamation of the Word

Hark The Herald Angels Sing – Children’s Pageant

2014 Christmas Pageant 2014-12-21 005 (1024x683)

That is the picture of the cast for our Christmas Pageant. We give the kids the full service on this day. So, the recording is not our typical sermon but our best recording of the play. The kids acted out and explain to us the Hymn Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Isaiah 40:1-17 and Revelation 7:1-17

Isaiah 40:1-17
Revelation 7:1-17
The protection of the people of God
The fullness of the people of God

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Isaiah 34:1-2,8-35:1-10 and Revelation 6:1-17

Isaiah 34:1-2,8-35:1-10
Revelation 6:1-17
Two visions of the Day of the Lord
The division of the nations
The Spiritual question of being a “rich American”

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Isaiah 33:1-24 Revelation 5:1-14

Isaiah 33:1-24
Revelation 5:1-14
OT apocalypse vs. New Testament – a day of darkness vs. grace
The balance between God of grace and King Jesus and the personhood of God

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Isaiah 32:1-20 and Revelation 4:1-11

Isaiah 32:1-20
Revelation 4:1-11
The eschatological age: good government, seeing eyes, open ears, hearts seeking wisdom
God’s people joining all creation in the eschatological hymn