Daily Lectionary Podcast – Daniel 6:1-28 and Revelation 22:1-21

Daniel 6:1-28
Revelation 22:1-21
An Allegory of Law & Gospel – The Law is followed, but the Gospel Saves
The role of The Bride, our role, in the progressive revelation of God

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Daniel 5:1-30 and Revelation 21:9-27

Daniel 5:1-30
Revelation 21:9-27
God’s claims over all the earth
A Break for Charity

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Daniel 4:1-37 and Revelation 21:1-8

Daniel 4:1-37
Revelation 21:1-8
Progressive Revelation and God Most High
God’s Rule even of the temporal kingdom
The Fulfillment of that Rule

Judgement By Works?


Biblical Text: Matthew 25:31-46
Full Sermon Draft

The last judgement text can give a Lutheran heartburn, primarily because it inspires the question in the title.

What this sermon does is attempt to put the last judgement within its context in Matthew. It seeks to stay within two guard rails in interpretation: being willing to say ‘I don’t know’ and letting the text tell us what it means. There are two important questions that this is applied to. 1) Who are all the nations? 2) Who are the brothers Jesus references? These two questions form two halves of an answer. They also help I think to answer that title question, or at least lessen its force. The sermon ends with three short applications for our life together.

If we are willing to narrow the scope of the what those phrases mean – which I believe is correct based on the Gospel text itself – we get both a more humble eschatology, a text that is encouragement instead of judgement, and a greater emphasis on faith and church life.

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Daniel 2:1-23 and Revelation 18:1-24

Daniel 2:1-23
Revelation 18:1-24
God chooses who wisdom will be revealed to and through
Babylon as seat of power, all power turns beastly, God delivers his people
The transcendent things are removed

Program Note: Sorry for missing yesterday, my daughter was rush to the emergency room, but all is well.

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Jeremiah 38:1-28 and Matthew 27:57-66

Jeremiah 38:1-28
Matthew 27:57-66
Echoes in the Text (Joseph, The Eunuch)
Receiving the Word – those far away are called near
Everything forbids his rise

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Jeremiah 33:1-22 and Matthew 27:11-32

Jeremiah 33:1-22
Matthew 27:11-32
The eternal Kingdom, The Condescension of God

A Hard Man or the Icon of Love?


Biblical Text: Matthew 25:14-30
Full Draft of Sermon

The response of the slave who was given 1 talent is remarkably relevant. He ends up saying three things.
1) He knows his master to be a hard man
2) The master will reap where he doesn’t sow
3) The master will gather where he doesn’t scatter

This sermon hazards an interpretation of those three things for our day. The first is a claim to know God. The second and third involve the claims of universalism, not my job and not enough given to accomplish.

The gospel response to all of these is “You know this, do you?” Jesus is the revealed God that we do know and instead of being a hard man he is the icon of love. He does sow abundantly through Word and Sacrament. And part of how He does that is scattering his people in the midst of the world.

Instead of the false beliefs that so much of today’s church is involved in, we would be better to recognize the gifts that have been given to us and get about the job we have been invited to join. That job isn’t always easy. It is a call to the cross. But Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before him. Likewise we have the joy set before us.