Have Some Respect for Yourself

We as a people will never be self-governing or have a shred of self-respect until it is no longer possible for someone under a cloud of suspicion around, can I even print it on a web site such as this, foreign under-aged prostitutes to “survive” in office. (Here is a round-up of reporting as of today). These are the acts of a degenerate Caligula who appointed his horse to the senate. And given the recent hearings for Secretary of Defense, the horse might give better answers. I don’t even want to think about what the “disappearance” of witnesses actually means.

Really, what have we come to when former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards’ quip “the only way I can lose is to be caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy” represents a higher moral standard for high office?

Remove politics from the equation. Have GOP governor Christie promise to appoint a Dem to replace a Dem. Everybody should agree that this person can no longer be a US Senator. Instead the majority leader has “the utmost confidence” in this man. Please, somebody, have some respect.