Something has been “fishy” at St. Mark’s Preschool!

We had a busy May at St. Mark’s! Early in May, we finished up our Community Helpers theme. The highlight was when the fantastic Henrietta firefighters brought their truck to our parking lot, and the kids got to learn all about it and climb into the driver’s seat. They had a ball! Then, we did our Ocean theme. We read great books, including “Swimmy” and “Rainbow Fish,” manipulated aquarium gravel and seashells in our sensory table, made seashell photo frames and bubble wrap seascapes, and had some fun ocean-related snacks. We’re lucky enough to have tadpoles in our classroom, so we’ve been watching them grow and waiting not-so-patiently for the day when they sprout legs. Feel free to take a peek at them in the preschool room, and cross your fingers that it happens before school ends!

This week, we began our Summer theme. We’ll be learning about the season of summer and how it’s different from the other 3 seasons. We’ll also discuss all the fun activities we can do in the summer and, of course, do some fun crafts and outdoor activities of our own. We already have a tent in our classroom, which the kids are enjoying very much! It’s a great place to read and play, and the zipper is good for their fine motor development! We’ll finish off the school year with our Vacation theme. It’s so hard to believe we only have a handful of weeks left in the school year!

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