The length of days…

One of our Sunday School students (4th grader, smart kid) asked a series of questions that included the length of life of the people in Genesis. A typical answer is something like – “well, how do things work when they are new vs. when they are old? So, a earth that had just become sinful, probably works better, right? You can see the ages getting shorter as you progress into the book. All the bad stuff in the swamp leeched out, after the apple.”

Here is a NYT article
on trees that live to 4500 year because of being away from bad stuff in a harsh environment. (The bad news, why its news, is that we’ve managed to foul even the high mountain spaces up. See, fits neatly into the sin/creation groaning line of thought.) Here is a list of the “normal” lifespan of trees. A normal pine can live 450 years. These pines lived 4500 years or 10 times longer. Gee a long lived person today lives 95 years. Those people in Genesis lived 950 years. (Methuselah 989 years). Roughly 10 times longer. Ok, all you scientists can now snicker at the silly pastor. But there is a modern example of much longer life that is now being ended by the effects of sin. But I’m just a poor benighted fool.