Genesis, theology, evolution and modernity

Last week’s Sunday School and Bible class was basically Genesis 1 & 2. These also came up in the Thursday bible study. When your great hope is resurrection or re-creation, your understanding of the original creation becomes important. Also when as a protestant you rest on biblical authority, how you interpret is important. And the tendency when the core is attacked is to push back hard – to have scientists who say theology and religion is a bunch of junk, and on the other side to have religionists who say that science just doesn’t know what its talking about. Think Daniel Dennet and Ken Hamm. Both groups want to say choose, and if you don’t then well you just aren’t a real scientist or christian.

Tim Keller is the founding Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan. This paper is the best thing I have ever read on this subject. If you have ever had any questions, doubts or thoughts, go read it! It is a perfect piece of pastoral theology. An informed layman or woman can read it and understand it, but it does not back away from serious questions or from positing serious answers.

To the person looking for mathematical certainty, you’re never going to find it. What Keller does best is step back from the shouting and apply some simple reason.

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