Suffering & A “Good” God

This link has a Sullivan reader giving his logic on why suffering should lead to atheism.

Here is the simple Christian answer. We have done something terribly wrong and its fouled up this entire existence. To our relative way of thinking our petty sins aren’t that bad. But to the absolute standard of holiness. We don’t measure up; and never can. The whole world groans under that weight. And some people get it worse than others. And that s*cks. The Father knows that. Knowing that he didn’t wash his hands of it. He sent His son into it. And this s*cky world did to him what it does to everybody. It kills everybody. This existence places all of us under the cross. A cross that God did not dodge. He promises not the perfection of this world, but the recreation. Everything under the cross heads to the fire. But starting with His son, and following through with all those found in Christ, we long for that new creation.

Time is lived under the cross. Eternity in the resurrection.

Claiming that you haven’t done that much bad is just a way of saying, I’m not really a sinner. Grace begins at repentance.