Sermon – John 6:51-69 – “Body & Soul…”

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Last week was VBS and this week we are sneaking in a vacation betwen VBS and a couple of planned day. But I did have a couple of thought I wanted to post on this sermon. It was a little more intellectual. Some days I go to various different public places (wegman’s cafe, McDonald’s/BK, a few others) and will strike up conversations with people. Eventually I like to get around to asking a question like ‘What makes Doug Doug?’ There are basically two types of answers I hear – a materialist answer where this body and life is everything and a some form there is something more. Call that something more a soul for now.

The sermon really addresses the materialist tendency, but there are problems with the Body & Soul people as well. Here is a link to the biggest one. While not as explicit as I am the way, the truth and the life, there is no way to the Father expect through me, the text of the sermon (John 6:51-69) addresses the underlying reality of things. There is a spiritual reality (“the things I am telling you are spirit). It also make a huge claim that Jesus is “the one who came down from Heaven.” Jesus is the Bread of Life, the only one who can feed the Spirit/Soul. Even if you answer body & soul, the many-paths crowd would react “this is a hard teaching.” We want out own way to God. We want to feed ourselves. God doesn’t allow that. By grace he’s picked the only way – his Son – Jesus.

Congregational Presentation – Vision Sunday

This past Sunday (Aug 2nd) we set aside time to present a vision of what St. Mark as a congregation could be and to talk about some of what it will take to get make that vision a reality. Posted here is the full presentation on the vision componant. Members of the church who were in worship saw and heard this live followed by our Stewardship Elder talking about our current fiscal health. Those who we not in church last Sunday (or who had not already heard it because they are on elders or council) will be receiving a mailing containing a letter for introduction, a couple of slides from this presentation and an invitation to look at the full presentation here. That mailing also includes a letter from our Stewardship Elder and a request for the members financial support over the next 5 months. Please prayerfully consider the vision presented and the elders request for support.

Vision Presentation – Power Point
Vision Presentation – PDF

Computer on the fritz

Just a note about the timing of updates here. My laptop screen has been going bad, but I’ve been limping through. Last week it finally went. I hope to get the replacement part today and fix it, but until I get my system working again, I just don’t have the easy ability to update the site. All my files and programs are on the laptop. The good news is that even if I can’t fix the screen that the system itself still works and I could plug in an external monitor.