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Commencement and Christmas in June

Test: Luke 1:57-80
Full Draft of Sermon

With Christmas on the Sunday, some of the minor festival of the church year fall on a Sunday as well. This Sunday was the Nativity of John the Baptist. Hence some Advent Hymns and a biblical character who we normally see is December.

But read at the end of June one line of the text jumped out at me – “What then will this Child be?” Luke 1:66. That is what all the neighbors and kin of Zachariah and Elizabeth were saying about the events of John’s birth. And I thought isn’t that often the question at graduations (not to mention births). And that brought up the commencement speech of this year – “you are not special”.

The truth is that only one is special – Jesus Christ. But the only special one by our normal way of thinking has a different measuring stick – grace. You’re not special, but you are chosen. Chosen by grace to know salvation. To Walk in the ways of peace.