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A Wise Son


Biblical Text: Proverbs 8
Full Sermon Draft

This was Trinity Sunday. Traditionally it is the Sunday we bring out the Athanasian Creed. The creeds in general but that creed in particular are statements of doctrine. Also, Trinity or Triune is not a word found in the scriptures, but a church word, a doctrinal word. For that reason, Trinity Sunday is a day to talk a bit about doctrine. We live in a time where the most successful churches, judged by the criteria of numbers, tend to eschew doctrine if not run fleeing from the word. “Deeds, not creeds” is a phrase for a purpose. But historically, and by historically I mean for 1,950 years, the church was a doctrinal body. Doctrine united. It produced creeds and confessions. It argued and debated and sometimes went further over doctrine. You can’t read Paul’s letters or even the Sermon on the Mount and not understand the deeds of Christ and the apostles driven by their creeds.

What this sermon attempts to do is correct the false understanding of doctrine that I think drives much of it becoming a pejorative word. When you picture doctrine and the voice of Mother church, as the voice of Lady Wisdom calling, you get a better idea. It is not a club to end seeking. Doctrine is an invitation to faith. It is an invitation to seek understanding. Armed with that understanding, the wise son when Mom says “because I said so” responds not with sullen anger but “what am I missing?” The person who loves you most is asking “walk with me, even if you don’t quite understand.” The wise son walks with and seeks that understanding.

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Psalm 116:12-19 and Proverbs 8:22-36

Psalm 116:12-19
Proverbs 8:22-36
Wisdom as Natural Law
Threefold response to Natural law
Our current hate for natural wisdom

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Job 3:11-26 and John 1:35-51

Job 3:11-26
John 1:35-51
Questioning the Wisdom of God
How the Call of Christ overturns our expectations
The destination of the wisdom of the World/The Wisdom of God

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Daniel 2:1-23 and Revelation 18:1-24

Daniel 2:1-23
Revelation 18:1-24
God chooses who wisdom will be revealed to and through
Babylon as seat of power, all power turns beastly, God delivers his people
The transcendent things are removed

Program Note: Sorry for missing yesterday, my daughter was rush to the emergency room, but all is well.

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Nehemiah 9:1-21 and 1 Timothy 5:17-6:2

Nehemiah 9:1-21
1 Timothy 5:17-6:2
Our Place in the Story
Leaning into the fulfillment while living wisely in the present

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Nehemiah 7:1-4, 8:1-18 and 1 Timothy 5:1-18

Nehemiah 7:1-4, 8:1-18
1 Timothy 5:1-18
A Short thought on canon (Law, prophets and writings)
How the writings are both inspired but are better treated as general wisdom vs. doctrinal seeds

Daily Lectionary Podcast – 1 Samuel 20:24-42 and 1 Corinthians 1:1-25

1 Samuel 20:24-42
1 Corinthians 1:1-25
A Time of Choosing: God’s anointed/The Family of the Covenant vs. The Physical Family and Throne
Divisions, wisdom and the wisdom of the Cross

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Proverbs 30:1-9, 18-33 and John 20:19-31

Proverbs 30:1-9, 18-33
John 20:19-31
The limits of Wisdom and the need for the gospel,The middle path of wisdom, Hebrew Poetic Form and hard truths

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Song 2:8-3:11

Song 2:8-3:11
Resonant Language, Jerome’s advice concerning the order of reading, biblical warrant for allegorical reading

Blindness and Vision


Text: John 9
Full Sermon Draft

This sermon attempts to show how the characters of the man born blind and the pharisees are representative of contrasting spiritual paths. The primary difference is the reaction when presented with the act of God. The primary act or work of God is His creation of the Spiritual life through water and the Spirit. If the reaction one of obedience to the Word, then the result is vision. If the reaction is one of rejection, then the result is blindness. The encouragement for the Christian life is to examine our own reactions to the work of God in our lives.