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VBS 2013 Day 5 Video

We had a little technical difficulty on the last day. The video wouldn’t play. So I said I’d post it here. I hope this works. The first is the direct embed…

If that doesn’t work here is my attempt to YouTube it…

VBS 2013 – Day 5 – The Bible Helps Us Stand Strong

Here are photos from the day. Later in today (I hope) I will have a video or two

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VBS Day 4 – Trusting God Helps US Stand Strong (The Resurrection Story)

Day 4 is the gospel story cut to the bare necessities – Cross and Resurrection. The cross pays for our sins. The resurrection gives us the victory. It has been a fun week, here are some more of the photos…

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VBS Lessons – Growing in the Faith

In between the pictures of the fun I thought maybe I should/could sneak in a post about some of the core teachings of VBS on two levels. First the simple catch phrase or core concept taught the kids. Then an expansion on that for those older. The Christian life grows into maturity from the simple truths to recognizing those simple truths in deeper ways.

Core Concept
Catch Phrase
Deeper Spiritual Thought

Day 1
The Love of God
God’s Love Helps Us Stand Strong
The biblical person talked about is King David. King David was no saint, if you get what I mean. Adultery and Murder are up high on his list of sins. Yet David is one of the two people to receive the a grace covenant from God. (Abraham being the other. Moses received the law which is quid pro quo and not grace.) If God can love David, he can love us.

Day 2
Faith a Shared Journey
Family & Friends Help Us Stand Strong
The simple thought is family & friends. The deeper thought questions who is our family? Jesus asked just that question in Matthew 12:48. The answer was these – the apostles – and those who do the will of the Father. This is the first step into a deeper understanding of church.

Day 3
Prayer Helps Us Stand Strong A God who loves us and has made us his family invtes us to approach his as we might loving parents. Now since God is Spirit that entails two things. We ask not in the flesh but in the spirit through prayer. The second item is that it is not just us, but God’s Spirit residing in us. Nehemiah was the bible lesson. All the folks could physically see were destroyed walls. With the eyes of the Spirit, helped through prayer to understand what he was seeing, Nehemiah could see restored walls. Prayer helps us with spiritual eyes to see the deeper reality.

Day 4
Trusting God helps us Stand Strong
The core day of VBS is almost always Day4. This is because attendance drops on Friday, so the key message moves to Day 4. And that message is the resurrection of Jesus. The Christian hope is not in some flimsy and ill-defined “love” but is in the explicit and concrete resurrection. Jesus Christ rose from the dead and open the gates of heaven for all believers. When we trust in God to do for us what he did for Christ – which he’s promised as to Abraham and David – we are standing on the rock which is Jesus Christ.

Day 5
Bible/Word of God
The Bible Helps Us Stand Strong
If you think about it there could be a church without the Bible. Jesus never wrote anything. He just preached. The core of the apostle’s preaching was one thing – the resurrection. We could still have faith in Jesus without any written record. That is something called the oral or proclaimed word. But God, knowing that we are sinners and prone to stray, has given us the grace of a written word – the Bible. When we pray (day 3) or gather in community (Day 2) or even make claims about what God loves (day 1) how are we to sort claims in a fallen world? God has given us his Word – the Bible. Christians stand on that Word. It norms our life. We become conformed to Christ through the work of the Spirit using the Word.

VBS Day 3 – Prayer Helps Us Stand Strong – Nehemiah and the Walls of Jerusalem

Today we talked about prayer. Nehemiah was a post exile prophet who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. The story is found in the Old Testament book called by his name. The building of the walls goes real slow, and then real fast – after prayer.

And then there is the rest of the day given to some fun. Here are the day’s photos…

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VBS Day 2 – Family and Friends Help Us to…Stand Strong (The Story of Esther)

So, here are some of the photos from Day 2 around the castle…

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VBS – Day 1 – God’s Love Helps Us…Stand Strong!

We had a blast on the first day – just under 40 kids. Not to late to join. Just show up tomorrow 9AM. Until then here are some pics from the day…

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