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More Moral Dumbfounding

Parson’s wife and kids are out of the house for the week leaving after church today. That gives me way to much time to get into trouble (instead of using the time keeping the kids out of trouble).

First comment of trouble: Rick Santorum is too theologically literate to be elected president. And the reason behind that is not that he is wrong but that the deep thick worldview and language he uses morally dumbfounds the mainstream press. It will be very tough to be elected if every interview you give turns into a version of – “Tell me senator, why are you so weird?”

The interview by Bob Schieffer this morning (while you should have been in church, embedded above) has three or four instances: everytime Mr. Schieffer starts with “I need to ask you to explain that…” or when he say “don’t you understand that using the word could lead to…” That is moral dumbfounding. He has been hit with a moral argument so out of what he has ever considered, that he resorts to sputtering. The candidate used the correct word, the press just doesn’t think theology or religion is worth thinking about beyond gotcha stuff. You can tell the dumbfounding also in that the audience clapped after Santorum used the word theology (i.e. they understood what he was saying), but Schieffer doesn’t get it and Santorum shifts to the word “worldview”. Your theology, i.e. your worldview, shapes what you see. The real scary thing is that: a) Santorum is just expressing Catholic teaching and b) it is nothing shocking – we don’t worship gaia, abortion is evil, local control good/subsidiarity. [Which means the press is either feigning shock to try and paint Santorum as a nutcase and hence the Catholic church as beyond the pale, or they truly are ignorant of a worldview that has instructed people on the good life for 2000 years. I don’t know which is scarier.]

Probably the second comment of trouble is a personal story on the prenatal testing dumbfounding. Ethan, our 2+ year old was conceived when Ellen was 38. For the earlier two children, we had prenatal doctor’s appointments including sonograms, but nobody ever suggested prenatal testing. With our third child, the doctor suggested an amniocentesis. Why? Santorum is 100% correct. In the worldview (i.e. theology) of the elite left a child that might not be able to complete a master degree is unworthy to be born and should be aborted. I’ve have heard the stories of parents who had the testing and the pressure that was applied to abort afterward. One was dropped from the doctor’s practice when they refused. We chose not to have the testing because it would not give us anything we were not committed to anyway. The elite left (as distinct from say the union left or the social-welfare left) has a theology which is centered on the sexual revolution. It is those sexual ethics that continue to destroy the American working class. If you say anything that contradicts the core of that theology you will pay for it in bad press.