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Sermon Grist File

RossettiInstead of ghoulishly watching the pictures from Boston, I’m cleaning out my “Sermon Grist” file.

Jonathan Haidt who recently moved to NYU Stern school of business on the ethics of MBA students vs. Psychology students. Sometimes I wonder to what degree the people we spend most of our time with shapes our beliefs. By that I mean if you spend you time surrounded by “feeling” people who are generally well adjusted, to what extent does that encourage you to generalize that is humanity? How has my history (vs. what I would say is biblically gleaned) shaped my rather bleak anthropology.

Two great articles by Eve Tushnet. This is a look at a Pre-Raphaelite exhibit. If nothing else the Rossetti Annunciation is worth viewing. This is a reflection on a beauty of another sort – the fact that we all trust or are obedient to something. And the danger in picking (or refusing to pick).

Knot Yet looks at how modernity by modifying and refusing the strictures of marriage have often ended up places much more sordid.

Whether or not they realize it, today’s twentysomethings are entering wayside stations that, as the “Knot Yet” report makes clear, lessen their chances of ever entering the promised land of stable marriage. The marriage passport fee seems too expensive, and they can’t give up other choices. So instead they opt for locations that, according to Wharton and implied by Austen, are “smaller and dingier and more promiscuous.” It seems by not choosing to give up some things, it’s possible to give up everything.

This is Hunter Baker making an insightful comment about sanctification, based on a Tim Keller Comment to this guy’s question.

When asked about obstacles to revival, Keller pointed to fornication. In other words, it is difficult to spiritually awaken people who have hard-wired a particular sin into their lives and have essentially committed to it. If repentance means a large structural change, such as ending a co-habiting, sexual relationship, then it becomes that much less likely.

What I would say running throughout all those things is the idea of submission. From the very general, what ethics do MBA’s submit to (basically is it legal?), to the specific, a submission to the will of God that offers a witness to the world.