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Daily Lectionary Podcast – Exodus 9:1-28 and Hebrews 2:1-18

Exodus 9:1-28
Hebrews 2:1-18
Signs and Wonders, Slavery to the Fear of Death, Resurrection, Freedom

Power and Goodness


Biblical Text: John 11:17-53
Full Draft of Sermon

Two of the traditional attributes of God are His Sovereignty and His Goodness. This sermon reflects on the conflict those appear to produce today. I can’t help but look at our culture and see a people who are, against what they actually say, aware of God’s sovereignty but don’t believe or trust in His Goodness. Take Christopher Hitchens for a second, his biggest applause line was always, “God’s a bloody tyrant”. His logic doesn’t work. Just because someone is a tyrant doesn’t mean they don’t exist. (Don’t even try, it’s an applause line appealing to felt emotion and not logic.) But, in almost every level of culture the same idea is expressed. Keanu Reeves calls God “a kid with an ant farm” in the B-movie Constantine. A little more heady, the Walking Dead, about a resurrection of sorts, keeps returning to themes of tyranny and tribalism. Only the tribes with a strong leader survive. The mantra of a generation appears to be “don’t judge me” and the noticing of something is taken as akin to tyranny. Nietzsche called Christianity a religion of slaves for a couple of reasons: a) the first reasons was the God used his power on the side of the slaves against the “supermen” but that leads to b) God is the only “superman” or the only tyrant allowed to stand. What these all share is an attribution of power to God, but not goodness. Hence my final line “zombie apocalypse of tyranny”. A God who was only powerful, who was just the resurrection, would do something like that. And that is our cultural bug-a-boo, we still have an idea or a feeling of the power of God, but we have lost faith in the Goodness. And we have lost faith with the Goodness because we have severed ourselves from Christ and the body of Christ.

It is only in the incarnation of Jesus that we can fully observe and take in the goodness of God. Unlike our power, God uses his power for good. And that includes the bestowing of life on all who believe. Jesus is the resurrection (power) and the life (goodness). And that life is not tyranny but “full of grace and truth”. But the only place you find both the resurrection and the life is connected to the body of Christ which is the church. Connected through Word and Sacrament, proclamation of forgiveness and incorporation in water, bread/body and wine/blood. Rejecting the church is rejecting Jesus. Rejecting Jesus is rejecting the goodness of God. The power is still naturally know by looking out the window. But the power alone isn’t enough. We need law and gospel. We need power and goodness. We need the resurrection and the life.

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Genesis 44:1-18, 32-34 and Mark 12:28-44

Genesis 44:1-18, 32-34
Mark 12:28-44
Toward a definition of love, it isn’t love if is doesn’t cost, The Community of Love and the Resurrection
The Temple Rang with Golden Coins – Lutheran Service Book 787

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Genesis 43:1-28 and Mark 12:13-27

Genesis 43:1-28
Mark 12:13-27
Fear of Loss and Death vs. Resurrection and The God of the Living

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Job 36:1-21 and John 11:38-57

Job 36:1-21

John 11:38-57

The challenge of the Works of God which bring about death and life

O Christ, Who Shared our Mortal Life (LSB 552)

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Job 34:10-33 and John 11:17-37

Job 34:10-33

John 11:17-37

Resurrection & Life

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Job 19:1-12, 21-29 and John 8:1-20

Job 19:1-12, 21-29
John 8:1-20
Resurrection, Basis of Judgment, Our false eyes, the call of mercy

Sermon on the Mount – part 3


Biblical Text: Matthew 5:38-48
Full Sermon Draft

In this sermon we continued to look at how Jesus delivers the authoritative interpretation of the law. But the last two examples take a dramatic turn from the first four. Jesus fully spells out the way of the cross which is the way of love. A way which he alone in this life fulfills. We, until the resurrection, are called to follow, to grow in love and all good works.

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Job 14:1-22 and John 6:22-40

Job 14:1-22
John 6:22-40
The problem of meaning, Death our Enemy, Resurrection and the Bread of Life
O Living Bread from Heaven (LSB 642)

[Note, I got a day a head of myself in the OT reading if you are looking at the lectionary sheets. Sorry, Job and John that close together in small font blur. We'll get back on tomorrow.]

Daily Lectionary Podcast – Job 2:1-3:10 and John 1:19-34

Job 2:1-3:10
John 1:19-34
Sin, Death & the Power of the Devil – How Jesus answers each
(Editor’s Comment: Please take a listen, sorry it is late, but this is key for the continuing reading I think)