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All have fallen short…

Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution (the best economics blog out there and possibly the best blog) on Three Felonies a Day, crime-less crime, the lost common law tradition as we have polluted our federal law, and the implications of the falling cost of obtaining evidence. If you don’t think this all adds up to tyranny, or think you are immune, you are deluding yourself and the truth is not in you.

There are also some great theological angles right out of Romans 1. Putting aside God and the moral law, turning to ourselves and the created order, God gives us over to our desires. So you don’t want an omnipotent and omniscient God who humbles himself on the cross? So your want to build a tower (or a computer system) that will keep your fame (or your infamy) forever? Fine. You get a government that can charge you anytime it wants. You get government bureaucracies that exercise their omnipotence against those out of favor without grace. You get a government that can track you anywhere. And soon to be added, knows everything about and controls your health. We get what we want.

But I’m just a ooga-booga, Jesus freak, religious nut. Pay no attention. 2000 years of reflection by the best minds of many times and places I’m sure are completely wrong and soooo passe anyway.