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Congregation Meeting/Discussion Points

To make it easy in case you missed the presentation meeting last week.

Here is the presentation file…congregational-budget-oct2016-vcongregation

And here is the video demo of a new organ we played referenced in the file…

VBS 2014 – Weird Animals – Preregistration Up

Come join us in looking at the world of one-of-a-kind things along with some “Weird Animals”
When: Aug 18th – 22nd
Please click on the VBS 2014 tab or click here to preregister.
Looking forward to the fun…

Website Trouble

Note, I’ve been having some website trouble. WordPress updated, which caused a needed update in the theme, which didn’t work. And it continues not to work nicely with some plug-ins. I had to change to a “WordPress” theme to get them working again. But, the preschool tab if still off. (It was using its own CSS which I know nothing about, so still at it.)

Gaudete Sunday – Special Guests


The 3rd Sunday of Advent used to be called Gaudete Sunday. The Sundays used to be named by the first words of the introit (the entrance chant/reading) which were initially in Latin. Gaudete means rejoice. So, depending upon the parish you were a part of as not every parish did the same thing, Gaudete was often given over to a musical celebration – a rejoicing to the Lord with song.

We have continued, or tried to continue, that in various ways. This year we have a saxophone quartet who will be sharing some of the music of the season. They will be playing at the start or prelude to service, a bit during the offertory and then postlude. So, I just want to invite you to come a bit early to get a seat, and plan on sticking around for a little while after service.

(And Kristin, if you’ve got a better photo than my cheesy photoshop, send it along.)

We Were Hacked…But it Should be Good Now

Sorry, our server got hacked. We might have done it to ourselves. But I think it is better now. It might take a few days to ripple through to the system. If you are still getting “warning” from Google or elsewhere, hopefully in the next 24-48 hours they will stop. We hired someone to clean everything up, and the web-host says we are good. So…good. – Parson

Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week Schedule 2013

Preschool Registration Season

preschool logoI don’t say enough here about how great our preschool teacher is. I might be a little biased, but if you or anyone you know has preschoolers, or a mom of a preschooler who would like a morning or two free, you could not find a better teacher than Cate Marks.

Please Check out the preschool tab.
Call for tour so you can see also: 585.334.4130
Or drop her an email: catiemarks at yahoo dot com (I’ll avoid creating a bunch of spam for her.)

Christmas Service Schedule

Argh! Coding Changes

Once upon a time I had some coding chops. Now, not so much. And Facebook changed something. I logged in and found nobody in the facebook “fan box”. Wondering what had happened, I started checking it out. What had been the facebook page had been deleted, so there go a few hours leaning what the new approved method is. This is in some ways a test. If you have any problems with the site please drop me a note: pastor at saintmarkslutheran dot org.

Christmas Worship