Sunday School

St. Mark’s sponsors Sunday School and Bible Class before worship on Sunday morning. The classes start approximately at 9 AM and end at roughly 9:50 AM.

Currently we have 4 groups:

Pre-k through Kindergarten
1st grade through 3rd grade
4th grade through 6th grade
Confirmands & Adults – Pastor’s Class

The Pre-K through 6th are taught the same Bible stories in age appropriate manner. The children are learning and hearing them for the first time or maybe the second. The confirmands and adults are digging into them as little deeper. As in our vision statement we are a congregation that teach the apostolic faith and encourages growth and depth in that faith. Sunday School is one of those places where do this. We seek to build the faith and encourage the scriptures to be a constant part of your life. We start early awarding bibles to the little kids, teach those stories and reflecting upon them and our lives throughout our living.

If you wish to learn more we use the Growing in Christ curriculum from Concordia Publishing House. The specific Bible stories we will be reading, learning and inwardly digesting this year are listed here.