Website Work

I just wanted to post a message for any who have been following the Daily Lectionary Podcast. I’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks because we’ve been transitioning our server. Between the preschool and the increased load from the Podcast and the fancier calendar, we’ve outgrown shared hosting. As with any change there are good things and there are bad. The bad has been somewhat front-loaded (although I wouldn’t rule out something popping up) in that I’ve minimized use before the formal transition and until I understand how the new server works. The good news here is that you should experience a quicker connection as we have dedicated resources on the server side. So all those things that increased the load should work better. I’ve still got some work to do in understanding the new server environment, but I’m comfortable moving forward, so I think the Daily part of the lectionary will start back up this next week. I apologize for the unexplained gap. If you have any thought or question just drop me a note. – Mark aka Parson Brown