The Hidden in Plain Sight Gospel – refining part of the last post

This is Hunter Baker with a short reflection on two reactions to fireflies. He does in 200 words what I was trying to get at yesterday.

One of them reflected on this emergence of patterns and order. With a little awe in his voice, he said that he looked at the things they had learned in producing the broadcast and found that he could only describe what he observed as holy. I was moved by the genuine emotion he conveyed.

His co-host had the opposite reaction. He said, “See, when you talk about it like that, it just takes all the air out of the room for me.”

“Really?” the first man said, “You aren’t inspired by the idea of some greater purpose? For you, it’s okay for what we are seeing to be ultimately empty?”

“Yeah, I think so,” the second man replied.

To those who have more will be given; to those who lack, even what they have will be taken away…