The Epitome of the Sexual Revolution

You really need to read this story to see how it all fits together. (HT Crisis)

Single mom looking for cash (divorce?). Rents out womb. Baby has genetic problems. Genetic problems amplified to make situation graver. Renters want abortion. Eventually offer $15K to abort. Surrogate doesn’t want to abort after agreeing to the buyout. Lawyers get involved. Renters sue. Surrogate moves to state with different law. Turns out that renters aren’t actually biological parents as they paid egg donor. Because of that renter-mom has no basis to sue. Still pressured during 3rd trimester to abort. At birth, babies birth certificate lists surrogate as mom and no Father (it’s a miracle!). Surrogate decides she can’t raise child, but doesn’t want out completely. Finds another couple willing to adopt. Biological father comes back wanting a cut. Eventually gives us rights in exchange for information. (He’s held her! How cuddly warm of a Father.)

Yet it is orthodox Christians who are mean and nasty and unloving for saying things like marriage is between one man and one woman for life oriented toward the procreation and rearing of children. You are standing in the way of love goes the cry. Love per the scriptures is covenant faithfulness, living up to your promises, even to the cross. Which is what God does, but we fail at is miserably. That doesn’t mean we don’t call it what it is and run to Christ for absolution. Other than the final adoptive family, all I see from this train-wreck of the sexual revolution, of everybody just following their emotional needs of the moment, is a constant string of broken promises and heart-ache.

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