The Liturgy – Parts & History

Issues, etc graphicIf you ever wondered about the order of service, why certain things are where they are and the origins and history of the worship service, this link takes you to an audio series with Pastor Will Weedon who is the LCMS Director of Worship, which is a corporate speak way of saying he’s the person in charge of pulling together and designing things such as our Hymn Book. He’s talking with Pastor Todd Wilken who is the host of a Radio Show/Podcast called Issues, Etc.

Have you even had that experience of not really caring about a topic but having to go to a class or a lecture and the speaker is just so obviously knowledgeable and joyful and convinced this is the most important thing anyone could ever know such that you walk out saying something like “I didn’t realize that middle ages tiddly-winks (fill in whatever topic you thought was the driest and most moribund thing imaginable, 13th century poets for $400, Thermodynamics, you get the point) was so darn important”…that is Weeden on the liturgy.

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