A Happy 4th – serving on the public square

The 4th of July in Henrietta has a big festival on the lawn followed by fireworks. We’ve been putting up a tent as a service project for a couple of years – providing everything you’d need to change the baby. This year we added something. Lori Holt and her daughter Alana brought with them the idea of making playdough (you can see them in the photos). Flour, salt, food coloring plastic baggies and a bunch of kids beaming at the first squish of kneading the dough. We made somewhere between 200 and 300 lumps of dough. President Lundberg captured one the of the “rushes”. As one of the scheduled events ended – waves of desperate parents and kids getting a little cranky in the 90 degree heat descended on the playdough. That highly patriotic girl helping out is Anna my daughter (the recent 9 year old). You can see my belly in one of the pictures. Our preschool teacher – Ms. Wahl – is in there along with Deb Lundberg. Several others helped (hello Loretta, Ademovic’s) – 90 degrees and all. Thanks to all and I hope everyone had a good 4th.

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