A Poem on the Mount

A challenge that was too good not to try. I didn’t get into a serious vein, but the conversation angle seemed to flow.

I enter through the door. Pure gift. For I am certainly poor. Yet the Kingdom is mine. Right now.
So tell me about your Kingdom. What are its glories? What subjects does it bring in train?
The mourners, the meek, the hungry, the merciful
The poor, the pure, the peacemakers
The persecuted. Theirs is the Kingdom. Right now.
Doesn’t sound like much of a realm.
We are just getting started.
In this Kingdom, you’ll notice a difference. It’s in the flavors and the light that comes in in a certain way.
That sounds better. Do you have some coastland to really catch the salt?
If you want the beach, you better start in Nebraska.
What? You mean go out with the pigs.
Well the pigs are ok. I’ve fulfilled that. But there is a law to large spaces. If you want the beach, you you better concentrate on Nebraska First.
Too close together might lead to anger. Get along with your neighbor a mile away first.
Too close together can lead to odd glances. A mutual using so pleasurable at first. But it leads to a cutting.
Eye from eye, limb from limb
Heart from heart.
That’s what happens. Although you don’t see it
This Nebraska sounds like a tough place. Wouldn’t the crowds at the beach be nicer?
What would you do when that guy without a beach umbrella takes yours?
I’d get it back.
Better go back to the door.
What are you talking about? It’s mine.
Track him down and give him your towel also.
He’s a thief!
He doesn’t have what is required.
How is that my problem?
If you want the light to be different at the beach – it just is.
There is no way that I will ever live in your Kingdom.
You are not without a prayer. The door is always open. The bread is given.
You won’t need that other bread here. You need the kind that doesn’t decay. Good for you it is provided.
Where do I get this? I haven’t seen it. How many hours work does it take.
It doesn’t take work. Don’t worry. Your Father’s got it.
Can I get out of Nebraska? The neighbors are just so rough.
Sounds like you need some more time there.
But there is something you can ask for.
I’d suggest a fish, or some bread.
Back to the bread. Ok. Can I have some bread, oh, and by the way could you give my neighbors some? They really need it and it doesn’t seem fair if I’ve got it and they don’t.
Now you’re catching on, maybe a trip to the state fair.
I’ve heard that is a confusing place.
Not every blue ribbon is on a real prize winning hog.
How do I get the good stuff?
Stick to fruits. Avoid the junk food.
But deep fried snickers bars taste so good.
Yes, and houses built to flip to the next fool seemed like a good idea.
So what about that beach?
Do you really want to build your house on the sand?
Where would you suggest?
Its poor land, but the Appalachians might be nice.
That’s ok, I hear poor lands offer great doors.

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