The Inhuman Calendar

One of my recurring themes is how we experience time. And the way I like to talk about it is human and inhuman ways of marking time. Here is a perfect example of the inhuman calendar. Fuller articles here and here.

Note the reason we need a new calendar.

The Hanke-Henry calendar would streamline financial operations, they write in an article republished by the libertarian Cato Institute, because Gregorian calendar anomalies make a muddle of interest-calculating conventions. Sunday-only Christmas and New Year’s holidays would also eliminate their mid-week appearances and “get rid of this zoo we’re in right now, when the whole economy collapses for two weeks,” Henry said.

God forbid the human rhythms of life interfere with the market and economic activity.

In the same vein, here is this months newsletter article looking forward to the Season of Epiphany:Jan 2012 – Pastor’s Corner

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