Vision to Mission – Congregational Meeting Update

The attached presentation below was published in the newletter and was present at the 11/15 congregational meeting. At the last congregational meeting me present a vision for St. Mark. The response has been positive and the phrase we’ve been using is that is appears people have “bought into” the vision. Almost literally as our pledge drive to make the budget has been successful.

Now comes the harder part. Making that vision a reality. Giving form and structure, time and funding, to what has been nice words and feelings. Every healthy and successful congregation has two to three missions that taken it outside of its walls in service to their community. In this congregation we have been blessed with one such mission that now is the time to refurbish it – the preschool. We also need to spend the time thinking and praying about what the next mission might be as we move toward health.

The plea at the end is for members who want to help in setting the direction of the preschol. I’ve got 4 members. We will meet probably 5 times for 1 hour a time over the next couple of months and present the collective ideas and outline to the coucil in February. Short term need that could have a large impact. If interested, give me a shout.
Vision to Mission (preschool example)

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