Divine Providence – sheep, compassion and feeding

Reading: Mark 6:30-46

The feeding of the 5000 is the only miracle included in all 4 Gospels. The Holy Spirit thinks there is something important about this story.

Jesus tries to get away with his disciples for a short time but the crowds follow. Looking out on the crowds what does Jesus see? Sheep without a shepherd. What does Jesus feel? Compassion. What explicit form does this compassion take? Teaching/Feeding.

When we look at our world, what do we see? Do we see people each one able to competently make their own spiritual decisions be that wicca, atheism, “spirituality” or any number of other false prophets or do we see people without a Shepherd, without The Shepherd Jesus Christ? Do we feel compassion for them or warriness and weariness? What explicit form does our feeling take? Evangelism, sharing our faith or avoidance and letting everyone go their own way? If they aren’t taught, they can’t believe.

Jesus tells his disciples, “You feed them!” You, that means you, feed my sheep. Teach the people.

Our natural reaction is we don’t have enough. Look at them Jesus. There are thousands. We’ve got 5 loaves. That is not even enough for us. And we’d be right. If we are depending upon ourselves to provide the meal it would be a very thin meal. Thanks be to God for the end times feast. Jesus takes what we do have and magnifies it. He supplies when we have nothing. All glory for the meal goes to Jesus. All responsibility for the faith resides in the originator. We never have to worry about supply. This is the God who brought everything into existence with a word. This is the Word that feels compassion and fills his sheep. There is always more than we can ever imagine.

So go, feed my Sheep.

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