The possession of Satan – entering a Strong Man’s House

Reading: Mark 3:19-35

Part of the christian message has always been the we are children of God. We even hear that as part of absolution, “To those that believe in Jesus he give the power to become children of God…” The post christian culture has gone in a couple of directions with that thought. The strongest reaction is that of the materialist or atheist – ‘there is no God, so no children of God.’ The phrase is meaningless to them. There are a lot of defacto materialists, but very few conscious ones. Most of our post christian culture would probably affirm that we are children of God. It is one big warm fuzzy to this culture. The take the second part of that absolution without the first. Or you could say this culture takes absolution with confession first.

That warm fuzzy children of God is not the image that Jesus gives. He says in our natural state we are all part of a strong man’s house. We are all part of the household of Satan. What Jesus did, what he still does is break into that strong man’s house and tie him up and plunder his possesions. That might be a shocking image of the Lord as thief, but that is what Jesus uses. But the point is that the warm fuzziness is only after some messiness. We are not children of God by birth but through re-birth, through baptism.

Now is the time when the strong man is bound. Now is the time that we can plunder Satan’s possessions. All Satan can do is deceive us. He can’t unbind the truth of the Cross and resurrection.

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