From sickness to service

Reading: Mark 1:29-45

It looks like the daily lectionary is taking us through big chunks of Mark. For that I am greatful as this year the Sunday Gospel lessons are also from Mark. One more chance to read through what I will most likely be preaching on.

The reading for today has one of the funniest lines, at least to me. Peter’s mother-in-law is described as laying sick with a fever. Peter, Andrew, James and John tell Jesus about it and He goes and heals her. The line is – the fever left her, and she served them. Peter’s mother-in-law goes from her sick bed immediately to the kitchen. The sacastic wit says, “yep, just like men, heal the woman so she can cook.” When you read Luke 4:38-39 it sounds even worse with the disciples begging Jesus to heal her. Were they begging for her, or for their meal that night?

Putting aside the comical lines there might be a stronger parallel to our existence. We all find ourselves sick and burning with fever. We are sinful creatures, and that sin manifests itself in a dying and decaying world. We are and our world is sick with sin. But, Jesus heals that sickness. Everywhere he goes he heals that sickness and restores the created order. The response to healing is service. And that response is not the sacastic frame of mind above, but a gracious one. This one, Jesus, has given me life. A life I did not deserve and could not hope to merit. I don’t have much, but I can make a meal. Please, sit down at my table for the evening.

May you find your grace and find peace in your service.

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