Wednesday – Pentecost 11

Judges 3:12-20
Acts 1:1-14
Matthew 27:45-54

It doesn’t seem pious to let the death of our Lord pass without a pointer to the Gospel text. It should be read in conjunction with Psalm 22. That is what Jesus is quoting from the cross. Those who should have known think he is calling for Elijah – anything to avert our eyes to the reality. The Lord of creation here identifies himself with the lowest and most vile of humanity. And the Father raises Him up. Nothing is beyond redemption.

We also start Acts today and will be reading through it for the next 11 weeks as the second reading. If you are just reading one of the lessons, the series on Acts might be receiving more attention over the next quarter. Acts is unique in the NT and only vaguely related to OT history writing. The Lord Jesus has a specific plan and Luke is the court historian. Is the kingdom going to be restored now? Yes, but not in the way you are thinking. Instead led by the Holy Spirit you will go to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the end of the earth and be my witnesses. And Luke records the workings of the Spirit in witness through the apostles. Luke records the divine at work in and through the human.

May the Lord bless your work today and may you see His work in you and through you.

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